Hand picked in Switzerland

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Thanks to my parents, I grew up surrounded by Nature and learned to recognize trees and medicinal flowers as well as delicious herbs for soups *yum*.
With my mother we used to pick flowers and make champêtre bouquets that we brought back home. From Spring to Winter, every weekend rhymed with walks in Nature.

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” - The secret garden

I live in Switzerland, a beautiful and (surprisingly) vast country, full of surprises. Those are the reasons why I am such a Nature-loving person today.

Today I have pushed this passion a bit further. I press flowers and small plants in order to encapsulate the sublime within my jewels and make people happy.

Every piece of jewellery is the result of a long thought process to determine which parts and which colours best belong together

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💚Your feedbacks💚

"Absolutely beautiful ~ delicate but a statement I love the style and quality. The packaging was very sustainable and made me smile, thanks for sending all the way to AR!"

"These earrings are absolutely gorgeous, and Ana the shop owner is so sweet and helpful! Earrings look exactly like you would expect based on the photo, and are very high quality. These are great to wear yourself or give as a gift to someone you love!

For those who are wondering, Ana told me that the flowers are mountain cranesbill! They’re so pretty!"

"this is my third time buying from this shop and my 4th item, and i’m as always so happy and pleased!! the quality is amazing and the ring looks so beautiful, thank you sm<33"


-Emily Vee-